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Clones – Subscription


Choose 4 Clones per month

Or 8 Clones per cycle

✔ R50 once-off admin fee
✔ Year’s supply subscription
✔ Delivered to your door



The clones you are receiving are cuttings that are roughly 14 -18 days old, sterile growing material and treated with a pH adjusted (6.0 – 6.3) watering

The clones are pest free and PM free.

With our clones, you will bypass the entire germination and seedling stage (3-4 weeks), and receive already good sized stable plants for your grow.

Our clones are a predictable and reliable way to ensure you produce the most desirable traits like smell, yield, and THC/CBD ratio’s. Our clones range from dominant Indica strains to Sativa strains, as well as exotic strains and our exclusive CannaHealthGenetic range.

We flower verify all of our strains to guarantee the most potent phenotypes, to grow the highest quality, for your medicinal and recreational needs.

Clones should be transplanted as soon as possible and watered with a distilled water source.

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