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Our members area, is for those who have been referred to by their doctors and all those that require help, with regard to cannabinoid based treatments and advice.

  • Membership shall be open to all persons over 18 years of age, with shared cultural, medicinal and private interest, and in possession of a valid identification document or travel documents.
  • We are here to help and protect your constitutional rights to this plant, via our private platform, so we will verify each member that applies.
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny any and all Membership applications.

Our mission for our Private Members (PM) is

  • to protect and give benefit to the constitutional freedom, provided to you as a member, which enables us, the Traditional Healers/Service Providers, to facilitate your needs, for medicinal and spiritual purposes.
  • to provide advanced, professional and compassionate advice, along with high quality natural health care products, promoting a holistic approach to healing and health – among our private members.
  • to ensure cost-effective and value-driven services for those in need.
  • to provide the members and community with education and support, through natural remedies and plant based healing.

If you’re interested in nutrition, health, cannabis, your endocannabinoid system or just making better choices about your own longevity, this is the place for you! We’re here to support you as we embark on this path together.

Our Membership Platform is in place, as service providers and Traditional Healers, to facilitate your cannabis requirements for private, medicinal and spiritual purposes
Cannabinoids, when used correctly and responsibly, have the power to enhance the well-being of that individual

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Where we protect and facilitate your natural herbal requirements for recreational, medicinal and spiritual purposes.


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