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Private Members9:1 Tincture

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This tincture uses an organic and proprietary strains, developed over many years for this particular reason. Lightly flavored Macadamia, this leaves the taste from the cannabis oil very mild and a little nutty. This stronger infused oil is great for night time use. The effects of the THC can make the user feel calm and relaxed, while aiding in sleep issues and pain relief.

1 Dropper = 1ml

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This 9:1 macadamia flavoured THC/CBD oil can be used to reduce stress and pain while promoting relaxation! It is effective for Sleep issues, stress and neuropathic pain. Tincture drops offer significant advantages over other methods of administering medical cannabinoids. A 10ml bottle with easy to use dropper application allows you to receive a precise dose into the mouth, sublingually. Absorption via oral mucosa into the bloodstream is fast and dependable.

Patients report that the precision-dose dropper makes it easy to achieve the appropriate level of medication. Start with 3–5 drops, increasing slowly, if necessary.

Ingredients: Macadamia oil, Full Spectrum proprietary strain.



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