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Intergrated Pest ManagementBio Roll

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When you have an insect population in a large area that you need to monitor and trap, this sticky roll is the answer for you. Yellow Sticky Role utilizes certain insects’ attraction to the colour yellow to trap them on its sticky surface. Yellow sticky traps are used to attract, trap and monitor aphids, flies, leaf minors, fungus gnats and many others types of insects.

If you are dealing with an invasion of Western Flower Thrips, you are advised to use the Blue Sticky Roll.

Blue Sticky Roles have been tested, on different crops and in various conditions. Trials showed that these rolls can reduce adult thrips numbers.

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To capture the adult fungus gnats and other flying insects in the grow

All products are tested to meet specification requirements before leaving the factory.
BioBee is not responsible for the outcome of implementation in the field, as it has no control over the method of application, local conditions, treatment/storage of product not according to instructions, etc.


Field Service Consultations

If you are struggling to identify pests and root cause of issues, need guidance on what products to use to improve. Our staff is extensively trained in IPM methods and will design a tailor-made IPM program to meet your individual needs.

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