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The effects of CHG No.22 is mostly sativa like and cerbal. Most users experience a fast onset of light cerebral stimulation which later eases into strong, deep, full-body relaxation. A strain for daytime use as it provides the calm, relaxing effects of cannabis but still leaves them functional enough to remain productive, social, and motivated. Some users may experience slightly more dominant indica-like effects, which may come down to that specific phenotype.

She has its uplifting effects coupled with strong physical stimulation. For many, this provides fast relief from stress and depression, while also dealing with pain, headaches, and fatigue.

The flavors and aromas of this strain are reminiscent of its lineage. Think strong mandarins and naartkies, coupled with the notable sweet fruit of CHG No.1. Some users may also detect subtle hints of pine, or possibly even herby, earthy undertones.

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A unique cross using our proprietary strain Telyla (CHG No.1) onto a beautiful Mandarin Zkittles that was showing amazing colours and potential. What we got was a big yielding girl that smell of a field of naartjies and mandarin.


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