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SeedsCHG No. 10

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This is a new white label unrealised strain.

Our proprietary strain CHG No.1 (TeLyla) was used to cross on the famous Nightingale CBD cultivar.

Two high CBD strains paired with each other, for their rich red/purple colours and their ratios of a full cannabinoid profile.

The flowering phase should be around 60-65 days.

These are feminized seeds.

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Nightingale cbd strain is a cross of Harlitsu and a west coast strain to give you a great fruity tasting cbd strain, Tasting of grape, Blueberry and jasmine. Nightingale is bred to keep a low THC content, Between (1-3%) and give the patient a higher CBD content (11-18%). This particular CBD strain produces more than an average yield, The buds will tend to be red/purple in colour, Beware of this strain stretching, She has been found to have better results in scrog or sog (sea of green).

CHG No.1 strain is a 1:1 ratio plant with averages of around 13 – 16% THC & 7 -10% CBD, she is a big yielding plant with the most unusual and profound terpene profile of fruit and a hidden tones of grapefruit/mango. She will produce these flowers of hers with a hint of pink and purple.

Crossing these two strains, we were aiming for a full profile high CBD cultivar, that is a good yielding plant, with great potency overall.

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CHG No.9 x Forbidos

Flowering Time

60 – 65 days


Indica: 70%, Sativa: 30%


short to medium

Stretch Percentage

50 – 100

Average THC Levels



complex fruit and sandalwood


Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy

Used for

Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Cancer