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SeedsCHG No.4 Sweet Deep Congo – F1 Regular

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A very unique combination of a craft hybrid strain crossed with a very rare landrace strain. The result of this combination is an Indica-Sativa hybrid developed to boost its aromatic qualities to a maximum and provide a sweet, fruity, marsipan taste, that produces enormous buds. 
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Apart from these exceptional qualities in aroma or taste, this strain provides lush heavy harvests as its branches form very regularly, with short knots, which in turn give abundant flowering The dense structure of the flowers produces a greater number of buds than in plants with longer knots. Furthermore, the buds are very compact and numerous thick buds are produced on both the lower, longer branches as well as on the higher branches. This means that the calibre of the buds is relatively uniform, in other words, the smaller buds are larger than in most other varieties. This, and in the flowering speed, is where we can see the influence of the characteristic indica genotypes in this hybrid, whereas we can clearly see its sativa ascendancy in its aspect, in the psychoactive effects it produces -a physical and cerebral mixture- and in the complexity of its taste. Thus, apart from good hybrid vigour and bountiful flowering, which make it a highly productive and effective variety, we can appreciate its marzipan and pine taste.

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Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Congo Broad Leaf

Flowering Time

63-70 days


Indica: 50%, Sativa: 50%



Stretch Percentage


Average THC Levels



Sweet, Fruity, Marsipan, Grapefruit


Relaxed, Sleepy, Calm

Used for

Hypertension, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines, Nausea


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