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Private MembersCHG No.1 Flower

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A true IBL over 5 years to get this girl here, to help treat and alleviate hypertension and anxiety and we are happy with what she produces.

She is known as CHG No.1 (aka ‘Telyla’)

It is so tasteful from start to finish and a real pleasure to smoke, leaving a great aftertaste and a yearning to keep this girl close. Will definitely have you looking for more.

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The most interesting feature of this strain is without a doubt the intense aroma and taste that it produces; it smells like forbidden fruit and spices blended together to achieve something unique. You cant quite describe its scent, but you know you need to have more, of what she is offering. The true gift of this strain, is in her effects. The effect is powerful and cerebral, providing a long-lasting, uplifting, euphoric high. It is the perfect choice for daytime.



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